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  • 去动物园玩英语作文
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    • 发表时间:2020-09-28 14:33
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    Today was Sunday. My parents were free, too. I got up at 7'oclock, because my families planed to go to the zoo. After the breakfast, I took the camera and went to the station together with my parents.

    It was already 9'oclock when we arrived at the zoo. There were so many monkeys, tigers, lions, wolves and other animals in the zoo.

    We took many photos in the zoo with the animals. I will show these photos in my class after they were printed. The time passed so fast, we left the zoo at 1'oclock PM. I was so happy today.

    Now I feel very tired and I will go to bed early tonight.





    Have you ever been to the zoo? Have you ever seen a real rare animals? Or only seen on TV? Let me take you to hangzhou zoo to play!

    It is a sunny morning, my mother and I got up very early, early came to hangzhou zoo, we bought the tickets and entered the zoo, there were so many people in the zoo! Old, small, their three group, five groups, really busy! The lush trees, green green, like a big awning, as if to the world of green.

    We walked along the winding path, first came to the home of the giraffe, I saw the empty space, two giraffes free walking up and down, while the elongation neck, with relish eating side of tender leaves, and for a moment with the body, with his head down as if mused on what, I was on the side of rail look carefully, suddenly, a bell rings, the original is an elephant, it's time to show, my mother and I ran, I saw a few people in perform as an elephant. The elephant a rolled up the nose, while elongation nose spray, can be fun. We came to the tiger hill, at this time, I saw the one and only, a lot of people there taking pictures! I went also took, "kacha, kacha" I took many pictures. We went to the cave, there are many real tiger, I read in the past, the rows of some tigers in the sleeping, with how people noisy noisy don't wake up it, also slept can, some tiger walking up and down in the above, eyeing looking at people, and the tiger on the ground of waste their lazily in the sun. There are many animals in the zoo, such as the fat panda, called the king of beasts, the lion, and some unknown animal, is really let me open horizon.

    Unconsciously, time flies, the sun went to bed already came out of the zoo, we had to reluctantly.


    On Sunday morning, my parents took me to the zoo. We did not go there for a long time. Last week, my classmates told me that the zoo added some funny entertainment facilities. I was very curious. So, I asked my parents to took me there and they promised to. We got there at 9 o'clock. There were many people. Most of them were parents and children. We first went to see the animal. I like parrots most. And then we saw the animal shows. Elephants, tigers, lions and monkeys did wonderful shows for us. People were happy, especially the children. After that, we went to experienced the entertainment facilities. My mum was too scared to be with us. So, only my dad and I played. It was so exciting, but I was a little dizzy. However, I was very happy. It was a great day.

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