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  • 鲁迅人物传记英语作文
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    • 发表时间:2020-09-26 18:29
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    As it is known to us all ,LuXun is a famous Chinese writer. He is not only a writer, thinker, but also the founder of Chinese Literature . He wrote many classic novels and his stories, which are translated many languages, were made into film,such as The True Story of AH Q and The New Year's Sacrifice,which deeply showed people's suffering in the old days.

    Because of his achievement to Chinese literature, Chairman Mao spoke highly of him. Besides, some of his works were selected into the text books in high school and university. I think you'll gain a lot from reading his works.


    Lu Xun is my favourite writer. He is one of the most famous writers in China. He wrote a lot of literary works.

    He was thin and not tall. He always wore a long old coat in that time. At first, he wanted to be a doctor and save people’s lives. So he learned medicine, but later he found the Chinese were in sensitive when they faced the oppression of their enemies. So he began to write articles to wake the people up.

    Lu Xun wrote some famous novels, he attacked the social mores in that time, and in his works, many persons were known very well, such as “Ah Q”“Kong Yi ji”.

    I like Lu Xun because I also want to be a great writer like him. I like reading and writing, and I often write some articles in my free time. Though I don’t have good literary talent or a large vocabulary, I spend lots of time reading and writing to improve my writing skills.

    Lu Xun is my hero, I will learn more from him. I believe I can be a great writer like him in the future.


    Dear Jack

    I was very glad to receive your letter on the tenth of February. You ask me something about Lu Xun and his works since you began to study Chinese literature. Now let me tell you something about him. Lu Xun was a well-Known Chinese writer, he was not only a writer, a thinker, and translator, but also a founder of modern Chinese literature. His novels have been put into many languages and some of novels have been made into films, such as The True Story of AH Q and The New Year’s Sacrifice which expose sharply the old society. The late Chairman Mao spoke highly of him. Some of his novels have been collected in high school and college textbooks. Since you are learning Chinese literature, I think reading Lu Xun’s novels will benefit a lot.


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