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  • 描写新年的小学生英语作文
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    • 发表时间:2020-09-25 10:58
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    Today is our annual traditional festival in China: Spring Festival.

    I get up early to meet my favorite festival, why I love the Spring Festival because I can get the money. When I got up, I woke up my mother and said, "Mom, get up early and go to aunt's home for a new year!" Mom was still very sleepy, but I didn't know it was a new year's celebration or she was going to visit her sister and let her mother say, "OK, right now."

    We were going to the aunt's home first. The aunt heard that we were going to their home. We were overjoyed and ran out to meet us. The aunt, my aunt first step to pay New Year's call than my mother, aunt see I gave her a red pay New Year's call, touch me from my pocket, on the surface of dallying, I have been called "Okay, then I'll take" I refuse to see Aunt also said three times. "Close, a little bit more careful." Then I'll take it. At heart, I thought: Oh, this red there are at least 100 blocks. My mother didn't calm down when she saw aunt in a long time. My mother saw me accepting my aunt's red envelope and felt that I was also there, so my mother talked with aunt. When I saw the time ripe, I quietly opened the red bag under the unwittingly circumstances of aunt and mother. I see that there are 200 pieces in the red bag. I called a "wow", this call almost to the aunt and mother to hear.

    At noon, my mother and I returned home, and we also said in the car that aunt gave me a red bag.


    There are many festivals in China. What I like most is to celebrate the Spring Festival.

    The Spring Festival is a happy and peaceful Festival. It is also a day for family reunion, and the children from outside are all coming home to gather. The night before the Spring Festival, the new year is the twelfth lunar month thirty nights, also known as new year's Eve, also called the reunion night when this turn, is one of the most important staying-up late on new year's Eve, the annual custom activities on New Year's Eve, the whole family gather together drink, sharing the happiness of a family union.

    The other name of the Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year. In the past, the year was a kind of animal that brought bad luck to people. That year, the tree wooden slump, not Baicao health. How can in the past? People can think of a better way to use the whip shelled, so have the custom of burning firecrackers, but also a way which is also the scene of lively dry hands.

    For thousands of years, people make annual folk celebrations became very rich and colorful, the year from the 23th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar days to thirty years, people put the time called the "spring day", also called "sweeping the dust", Saul dust cleaning before the Spring Festival, is the tradition of our people known as.

    About ten days before the Spring Festival, every family to prepare special purchases for the Spring Festival busy start the procurement of goods, people, have to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival sufficient, but also prepared some friends and relatives gifts, children clothes have to purchase a new hat, ready to wear the new year.

    The New Year bell struck, the street noise of firecrackers, every bursting with happiness, as one falls, another rises, the beginning of a new year, everyone is dressed in festive costumes, give the elderly at home and children to pay New Year's call birthday, holiday gift money, eat family reunion dinner, visiting relatives and friends, mutual worship, congratulate the blessing, say something happy new year, happy new year, good fortune.

    Ha ha! Listen to my explanation, you must know the custom of the Spring Festival, you must also like me like the Spring Festival!

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