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    Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. It used to be as important as Spring Festival .It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light. To some extent, it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries. On this day, people usually get together with their families and have a nice meal. After that, people always eat delicious moon cakes, and watch the moon. The moon is always very round on that day, and makes people think of their relatives and friends. It is a day of pleasure and happiness. Hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn festival!


    Autumn 秋天, 也可以用Fall

    Mid- Autumn Festival 中秋节, 也可以用Moon Festival

    The eighth full moon 第八个满月

    Lunar calendar 农历

    Moon cake 月饼

    Family reunion 全家团圆

    Dessert 甜点

    Traditional 传统的

    Holiday 节日

    Today is Mid-Autumn Festival.


    It is a traditional Chinese holiday. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth moon according to the lunar calendar.

    这是一个传统中国节日范文短篇作文, 农历的八月十五日。

    What do you do on Moon Festival ?


    It‘s a time for family reunion.


    traditional food


    we eat moon cake for dessert.


    is 晋江文学城作者 梗概作文 短篇作文

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