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  • 《我的朋友》高考英语满分作文
    • 作者:admin
    • 发表时间:2020-09-13 19:23
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    I have a good friend. He is a handsome boy and his eyes shine with wisdom.

    I have known him since Senior One. We are both interested in English. Once both of us entered for an English contest. How eagerly I expected to get a prize! On hearing that I had failed in the contest, I could hardly hold back my tears. "What a pity!" I murmured to myself over and over again. I felt that the world had become cold and everyone seemed to be laughing at me.I love English and have gone all out to study it since my first day in the junior middle school. I have even dreamed of entering a foreign language institute. So I felt very sad.

    Just at this time, I received a short letter in English, saying, "Failure is the mother of success. Cheer up! Don't lose confidence. Keep on your study and you will succeed!" I knew it was from the good friend of mine.These words encouraged me greatly. I forgot all my sadness. From then on, I studied English even harder. In the next English contest, I got the first prize. Of course, he was delighted with my success.



    我从高一年级起就认识他了。我们都对英语感兴趣。我们曾一起进入了一个英语比赛。我特别期望自己能赢!一听说我比赛失败后作文,我几乎不能阻止我的眼泪。 “真可惜!”我喃喃地对自己一遍又一遍。我认为秋天来了作文,世界变得寒冷,每个人都似乎在笑我,我爱英语,并全力研究秋天来了作文,自从我进入初中第一天。我曾梦想进入一个外语学院。因此,我感到非常难过。


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